What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy addresses the physical, mental and emotional areas of an individual’s life, all of which are extremely important, especially when dealing with any medical issue.  In the Western medical system health professionals view the mind and body separately, but the mind-body connection is so strong that yoga therapy can function as the modality that looks at the individual as a whole.  Using the many tools that a yoga therapist has such a Bhavana (visualization), pranayama (breathing practices), asana (physical practice), meditation, yoga nidra, aromatherapy, gratitude journals and more, we can address, treat, and minimize, with the goal of eliminating any pain or discomfort without the use of medication or surgical intervention.

Yoga therapy as a whole can be the primary form of treatment or it can be used as a modality of healing that is adjunct to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals.  Yoga therapists receive additional training in anatomy, physiology, diseases, mental, emotional and social issues, Ayurveda and nutrition.  Yoga therapists are also trained to read and complete SOAP notes, the primary method of documentation that health care professionals use.  Yoga therapists are better suited to communicate and understand health professionals regarding and individual’s treatment plan because they learn the proper medical terms, descriptions, documentation and abbreviations.  Having commonality will also make it much easier to integrate Yoga Therapists into the Western medical model and hopefully increase the use of yoga therapy as a preventative method of health care.

Yoga therapy can be helpful for individuals suffering from back pain, chronic pain, anxiety/depression/PTSD, stress, hypertension/heart disease, auto-immune disorders, chronic musculoskeletal pain, respiratory dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, digestive disorders, tension headaches/migraines and arthritis.

Yoga therapy can help by improving stress management skills, reduced symptoms, reduced anxiety and depression, improved lung capacity, improved blood pressure and circulation, improved executive functioning, increased strength and flexibility, and improved health and well-being.

Here is an amazing article that provides a wonderful explanation of yoga therapy: Yoga Therapy: The Newest Health Trend that Doctors are Paying Attention To