Individual Yoga Sessions

Rebecca provides both yoga and yoga therapy individual sessions that are tailored to fit the individuals needs.  These needs are determined by both the goals of the individual and Rebecca’s goals for the individual.  These sessions are explained further below:

  • Individual Yoga Session:  These sessions can help an individual to deepen their practice, focus on problem areas of the body, focus on certain poses or practices, and with the guidance of Rebecca can help to create a personal practice just for them.  An individual also has the undivided attention of Rebecca ensuring that their alignment and positioning is optimal for their body.  Individual sessions can be great for beginning practitioners that may be intimidated by the classroom setting or are unsure of what type of yoga or yoga studio they wish to attend.  They are also great for seasoned practitioners who wish to dive deeper into their personal practice.
  • Individual Yoga Therapy Session: These sessions begin with an initial assessment and conversation in order to learn as much as possible about the individual, their needs and goals for individual yoga therapy sessions as well as past & current medical history.  Rebecca will assess and talk about posture and alignment within daily activities, range of motion, provide tools and resources to modify daily activities, as well as a home practice and plan to work towards reaching everyone’s goals.  These sessions may consist of physical yoga practice, breathing practices (pranayama), meditation, aromatherapy, body scanning, journaling, as well as keeping a monthly journal to track your at home practice.  Yoga therapy is very complementary to physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, Chinese Medicine and works well in conjunction with all health professionals to create overall support for the individual.  You can read the scope of practice for a Certified Yoga Therapist here.

These session are by appointment only and can be scheduled via email or phone with Rebecca.  Head on over to the Contact Us page to schedule.